1:1 cheap copy Breitling Superocean 44 Special watches from China

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Breitling Superocean 44 Replica Special only appeared for the first time in more than a year ago, is relatively small, it is a shame, because it is still the brand in the presence of a few edge of the mid-term more cohesion, one of pure diving replica watches. Although appeared in the 2016 version of Breitling is largely a footnote, but 44 Special apparently are enough to prove the rationality of the two versions. This new watch matte stainless steel casing, black or blue dial option, after specially for Breitling invisible black PVD surface treatment.

Than the Breitling Men ‘s Replica entry-level automatic Colt sports watch diving (five) well, a little, level 1000 m Superocean II provides many luxury fake Breitling watches tools watch fans eager for a full set of modern function (the depth of the crazy rating, knurled ChanXiangBiao ring, dazzling brightness, even helium release valve), at the same time for super macho, military style aesthetic defines the Avenger series air copy watches.

Breitling still insists that Superocean II for “Marine pilot”, but the Breitling Superocean 44 participating is but one of them. Except for such divers check the necessary function, Special also adopted the dumb light steel casing, more simple dial, using square applying index rather than a busy Arabic numerals, unlike standard Superocean II, a solid circle of ceramic table, its characteristic is very smooth surface, blade is very sharp.

The ceramic bezel is not new technology of AAA Breitling replica, because we have already seen the black Blacksteel 44 participating in the first paragraph of the design, as well as on the high-quality goods edition Chronoliner launch similar depth dumb light blue style. In general, table circle of single color here looks great, but the ceramic bezel (usually dive table and name of the contact points of the first error is applicable to the ship’s rail, diving ladder or door frame) remains to be seen to withstand replica watches life characteristics of frequent influence old tools.

Traditional diving cheap Breitling replica watches borders through the use of solid metal bezel and replaceable plug-in to get rid of these bumps and jingle, the serial number of the inserted parts contain agglutination boundary. So, although this may be a choice rather than the functional design, aesthetics design but we will be the first to admit that the two ceramic color choices are very suitable for comparing the new 44 Special aesthetic feeling of steel, and we look forward to on your wrist to see that.

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