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As the brand continues to update, Breitling recently announced an update to the Chronomat Colt collection, offering a new look for the 44mm and 41mm sizes. Although 41 mm diameter for colt series is not strange, but it’s on the sports watches really represents a sweet spot size, the cheap fake Breitling watches in this kind of low profile contains a pair of new dial color, but the Chronomat welcome to everyone to rethink.

Typical characteristics are equipped with Breitling symbol “rider label” circle of crude steel table to increase the grip, the Chronomat series traditionally have a wide range and variety of watches, they are loosely “multi-purpose” category. Tough, strong, and usually quite large, Breitling Chronomat replica watches are fit to be placed in their squad, with their new definition of air/water/earth organization scheme (by Navitimer respectively, Superocean and Transocean respectively). Colt has traditionally been one of the entry-level models from Breitling, which has combined the basic concept of a diving watch with military appeal.

The format remains the same for the new Basel 2018 timepiece, with the 41mm steel case using wide steel rings, thick ears, Pilot steel chains or black leather straps. This design is very utilitarian, with simple, clear and balanced dial, long hand and stop-needle arrow point on the red. Like sport, colt has anti-reflective sapphire crystals, a rotating crown, a sturdy steel back and a waterproof depth of 200 meters. With three accessibility and carefully executed dates, Colt is still a very solid watch for daily exercise.

With the dial design, the most interesting aspect of this Colt refresh is the dial color. Can now choose “silver” (see more below matte cream light grey) or “gray” the storm (metal color, with a drawing glare effect), the appearance of two ponies are very good. I especially like the unexpected modernity of the frosted silver dial, which is surrounded by the drawn wire of the Colt ring. While both options apply to the Colt design, the storm-gray dial is the classic swiss replica Breitling watches, and the silver one is a bit odd (in a good way).

Although the Pilot steel bracelet must be very thick, 41mm wide and 12.4mm thick, Colt is very well dressed. I think it will be better in simple leather or canvas straps. The movement of the watch rings is fluid and is held by a fairly baroque rider tag. At this size, Colt has presence and weight, but not too much, it’s over my seven-inch wrist. Although I prefer light color dial, but no matter what the color, I believe that it was Breitling Colt replica watches, one of the most comprehensive product for any want a not particularly gorgeous daily movement wrist watch people is an attractive choice.