Avenger Replica

Cheap fake Breitling Avenger Hurricane watches online

For this Breitling Avenger Hurricane replica watches, the 50 mm case is bigger, bigger and the largest. Not the biggest watch on the market, but certainly a must-have at this size. It’s big but still comfortable on the wrist. If you think it’s heavy, using Breitlight material can make its smaller watch lighter. Without a strap, this watch weighs only 68.92 grams! Breitlight, an innovative material, is 3.3 times lighter than titanium and even 5.8 times lighter than steel. Although the material is light, it actually has many additional features. It is said to be more resistant to scratches and corrosion. In addition, it has good thermal stability and diamagnetism.

The super light 50mm case is strapped to the wrist, with a rubber band and an exterior embellished with military textile fiber. This black fabric is durable and has high wear resistance. You can use the collapsible TAB to configure your centennial avengers hurricane with a small pusher on the side. This helps ensure that your cheap fake Breitling watches is firmly strapped to your wrist and easy to open again. Some folding buckles with a pressure/lock system can be very difficult to open and close. For those who prefer the standard deduction, this is an option for certain configurations, which can also save about 600 euros.

While black is the main color of the watch, it comes with yellow details. For those who think not enough, there’s always a version with a bright cobra yellow dial. For hour markers, quality Breitling replica watches use airline-style template Numbers to give it a military look. On the front you’ll find a typical Breilting circle and four raised markers that move in only one direction. All in all, if you’re a big watch fan, this might be an interesting choice for you. Powered by the Breilting B15 automatic movement, you can get a power reserve of at least 70 hours.

Case material: Breitlight® (12 hrs)
Dimension: 50mm
Movement: Manufacture Breitling Caliber B12
Power: 70 Hours with automatic winding
Water resistance: 100meter / 330ft
Dial: Volcano Black
Strap: Military Rubber in anthracite with yellow lining
Buckle: Folding clasp with pushbutton
Breitling Avenger Hurricane price 7990 euro