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BREITLING replica continues to invest heavily in its SuperOcean Collection – standard SuperOcean and the more retro themed SuperOcean heritage replica watches are among the brand’s best-selling products, among which you can find a large selection. A good example is how super ocean (not even super ocean heritage) is in so many different sizes. Currently, Breitling super clone offers 42 mm, 44 mM, 46 mm and 48 mm wide superosean automatic transmissions. This generation of Breitling superosean came out in 2019 (debuted on a blogtowatch). Today, I’d like to take a look at several Breitling SuperOcean automatic 46 watches – the “black” version, which have dark gray diamond-like carbon coated (mainly) steel cases,where to buy?

Breitling Superocean Replica Watches

Note that the larger superosean replica automatic 48 is a different watch because its dial and dial lock switches are simpler. In fact, I love this model, but I’ll leave the discussion of the timer model to another article. Now, let’s take a look at the second largest Breitling Superocean Replica Watches model currently produced by Breitling: SuperOcean automatic 46 meter. Basically similar versions of the watch (case and dial, though in different colors) are 44 mM and 42 mm wide.

Superosean replica has always been one of the most comfortable and versatile daily wear options for copy Breitling. These are multi-purpose sport watches with masculine twist and their exquisite design and construction make them feel absolutely high-end. From the price point of view, they are not cheap, but there must be a lot of watches that are not expensive, but they are two or three times the price. This generation of superosean super clone is waterproof to a depth of 2000 meters (48 is waterproof to 3000 meters), which makes them powerful diving watches. The robust hull and components account for deep water resistance, but in most even professional diving scenarios, water resistance of more than 300 meters is not required.

Superocean Automatic 46 replica watches

The superosean automatic 46 replica watch is Breitling caliber 17 automatic movement, which is a base ETA automatic (I believe it is 2824-2), which has been certified by COSC. It’s a basic sport, but here’s an advanced version that has added value as a result of timer authentication. Really, for a three cell phone with a date on a watch without a case, that’s great. In other words, some watches have the same price level as SuperOcean automatic 46, but their mechanical movements are more exotic (but not necessarily better).

There is a high-quality rubber strap on the case with the trademark of Breitling replica on it. The company also sells shoulder straps compatible with NATO style, which should look very beautiful superosean 46, because I see all kinds of people wearing them. Please note that Breitling replica offers a rubber strap with either a traditional pin buckle at the end of the strap or a folding unfold buckle (at a premium of $550). At present, Breitling replica only offers superosean bracelets for 42mm and 44mm wide models, and uses natural steel (non black coating). One of the little things I want to see on the limited edition of SuperOcean 46 is the no date dial option, which is suitable for SuperOcean 48, which is one of the reasons why I like the bigger watch very much, even though the proportion is quite large.