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Quality Breitling Chronomat B01 Chronograph 44 watches Hands-On

Breitling has been under radar for the past few months. Georges Kern at the helm, we see the almost endless new Navitimers version (mixed reviews and extreme opinions, even in our team), but the Breitling in Basel and horological exhibit this year launched a new Breitling Chronomat B01 timing clock 44. The updated Chronomat is a welcome addition to Breitling’s catalog of modern products after a redesign that takes into account the contemporary atmosphere. With its mouth-watering B01 core, satin wire-drawing watch case and dial design, Chronomat 44 uses a rugged design and adds a bit of understanding. We have the opportunity to try the moderate (in any case, quality Breitling replica watches) new model and give you our original idea here.

It has been some time since we saw a major update to the Chronomat or Avenger series.Swiss replica Breitling watches took a positive approach, reinventing the Superocean line with a dizzying array of new models and this year introducing the controversial Navitimer series. They have been accompanied by several updates (mainly Chronomat 44 and super avenger 01), as well as a selection of the heavy roll-out of the new B01 core. But the boutique model is largely unattainable, and the range of products has remained the same for the past four to five years.

The reason I came up with these two collections is because the new Chronomat 44 feels (to me) like a fusion of the two. Let’s start with the case. The measuring distance of the stainless steel case with wire drawing is obviously 44 mm, and the thickness of the wrist watch is 16.95 mm. It does feel bigger than Breitling, though. In my opinion, it is the right direction to choose to use the wire-drawing case rather than the standard polish common in nearly all Chronomat. Chronomats often looks like a large table circle and highly polished, and soft fake Breitling Chronomat 44 watch is not like a piece of jewelry, it feels like a tool – in fact, I remembered the Chrono Avenger from “Blood diamonds, when I look at it.

The dial is also moderately refreshed and aesthetically pleasing with a two-sided AR sapphire crystal. Breitling replica watches, rather than the Navitimer or Superocean route, chose only two colors of Chronomat 44 (but I believe we’ll see more in the future), making the watch easier to digest. The dial comes in either “Blackeye Grey” or “Blackeye Blue.” Personally, blue is my favorite color. I appreciate the cleanliness of the dial. Don’t have any funny or invasive texture design, timing counter is not very big, date window match the dial, and not like a light in the window in the middle of the night light highlight (these things will make me crazy about so many Breitling models; Black dial, plain white date wheel.